About Us

The brand

TREKK founded by fashion-designer Rebekka Tr.

Trekk creates contemporary designs to make you feel comfortable and confident. All our
production is made exclusively in Greece by professionals with specialized hands and
with the best selection of materials we manage to create the best result for you.
Each garment is unique and designed by our inquiring mind for creation. Our inspiration
includes everything especially you and your needs.

We deliver Confidence.
Be a #trekker , Join us !

Our Mission

Our mission is to create pieces that are timeless, versatile and made to last with a focus on quality materials. We believe in transparency and strive to ensure that every step of our production process in environmentally responsible. Our ultimate goal is to inspire and empower our customers to make conscious choices and join us on our mission towards a more sustainable future.  

Our Vision

Our vision is to achieve a 100% sustainability in all areas of our business , from materials sourcing to production. We also aspire to bring our vision to a wider audience, including men’s, women’s and children clothing with a comprehensive range of designs that are tailored to meet the needs and desires of all fashion lovers. We aim to achieve worldwide reach and to become a leading brand on sustainable fashion.


The Founder

Rebekka Tr was born and raised in Thessaloniki, Greece. Growing up, she watched her mom work with clothes all her life—and from a very young age, Rebekka knew that she wanted to be part of the fashion world. She also knew that she wanted to bring her own vision to it.
Driven by her desire and passion to having her own brand, Rebekka graduated from Pansik Fashion School with a degree in fashion design and construction. Shortly after that, she created her own clothing brand by the name of TREKK.
Since then, Rebekka has participated in multiple fashion shows with her school as well as attended trade shows in Athens and Thessaloniki. She’s also organized pop-ups at many stores to raise money for charity events. Her plans for the near future include participating in an upcoming generation fashion line this May!
Rebekka Tr.
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